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Multiple onsite locations (AZ, FL, NH, GA)

Full time

$42-65k (annually)

Curriculum/Content Writing


May 22


This is a job description for a “KaiPod Learning Coach” (similar to a teacher) to start in August, 2023. The age range of students for our lower pods are 3rd - 7th grade and for our upper pods 8th-12th. We will prioritize candidates who have taught math, ELA, and/or have special education experience.

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Virtual curriculums and homeschool programs are growing and now serve hundreds of thousands of students across the country. While students and families benefit from the flexibility this model provides, they often face two challenges:

Parents of online learners/homeschool learners are often overwhelmed with the responsibility of ensuring that their child is making academic progress.

Students in online schools/homeschool programs don’t have an in-person peer group to socialize with on a regular basis.

To learn more about the KaiPod Learning model visit our site at: https://www.kaipodlearning.com


KaiPod Learning was created to address these challenges and talented, passionate KaiPod Coaches are essential to doing so. KaiPod organizes pods of 10-12 students who live close by and are all enrolled in an online school or homeschool program. We provide a location for parents to drop their students off, and staff those locations with a KaiPod Coach. KaiPod Coaches are responsible for making the space a place where students are safe, can focus and complete assignments, and have fun together.

In some ways, a KaiPod Coach is similar to a traditional teacher. Coaches truly enjoy being with young people and supporting their growth. They must have strong relationships with students and their families. They must have a high standard of excellence in terms of academic achievement and be familiar with learning standards. Coaches need to deeply know their students and connect them with educational and social experiences they will find fun and engaging. Our pods are an inclusive environment and Coaches must be able to welcome and support learners from all backgrounds.

In many ways being a KaiPod Coach is not like being a traditional teacher at all. KaiPod students are enrolled in an online school/homeschool program with its own curriculum and teachers. KaiPod Coaches are responsible for learning the ins and outs of each student’s academic program and creating plans to support each child in meeting their academic goals. Responsibilities will include goal setting, personalized check-ins, and individualized coaching. To support students socially, the Coach has a responsibility to create opportunities for socialization through facilitated play and planned enrichments. As a Coach, you have more flexibility and autonomy than a traditional teacher to do what you believe is best for the students in your pod. If there’s a new exhibit at a local museum you want to take the students to, you can make that happen. If enough students in the pod love legos, you can create a Lego League team.


There are three core responsibilities to being a KaiPod Coach:

A Kaipod Coach’s primary responsibility is to lead and create an incredibly positive student culture. KaiPod is a space where students make friends, complete challenging enrichments, and look forward to coming everyday. Together, the Coach and students work on developing social skills that are critical for life success.

All KaiPod students are enrolled in an online school or homeschool program. Students need support with their academics (stuck on how to start a math problem) and executive functioning (they have a hard time focusing or managing their workload). KaiPod Coaches accelerate student learning by supporting students in both of these areas.

Perhaps more than anything else, KaiPod Coaches are a support for parents. Families trust Learning Coaches to support their children academically and emotionally while at our pods. It is our job to keep their children safe during the day. Earning this trust requires a significant amount of attention to detail, communication, and community building.


Learning Coach

  • Deeply knows their students and what motivates them. Challenges their students and helps them be their best self.
  • Able to support students who have challenges with executive functioning (e.g., has strategies to help a student who has a hard time focusing complete their assignments) or other neurodiversities.
  • Familiar with relevant state learning standards. Able to identify where a student is struggling academically and is able to support them or find resources to help for core content areas including ELA, math, science and social studies.
  • Tech savvy. Able to navigate multiple learning platforms and curricula.
  • 3rd - 10th grade classroom teachers who have a track record of supporting academic growth and creating a positive classroom environment are ideal candidates for all learners.

Culture Builder

  • A leader and culture builder. Thinks strategically about how to create a harmonious environment where kids want to be.
  • Highly effective communicator. Constantly in touch with families. Sends out weekly written updates on pod activities.
  • Organized and prepared. Pod activities planned in advance. Pod calendar kept up to date.
  • Has hobbies, expertise, or skills that students find interesting (art, board games, puzzles, sports, etc).
  • A connected member of the community. Someone who is always seeking out learning experiences happening close by.
  • Exercises exceptionally good judgment. Errs on the side of caution and safety when making decisions concerning students.

Local Leader/Ambassador

  • Is well connected to the local parent community.
  • Willingness to share their position at KaiPod and news around their pod with their local and social network to grow their Pods enrollment is a plus.
  • Interested to expand their local network by representing KaiPod at local events (occasionally outside of traditional hours) and fostering partnerships with local institutions
  • Be passionate about their pod and students. Connect with their parents and build a community. Capture the magic happening at their pod regularly for their parents and marketing purposes

Team Member

  • Open to feedback. Prioritizes their own growth and personal development.
  • Solutions oriented. Quick to identify and communicate challenges. Equally as quick to propose solutions and options.
  • KaiPod is a dynamic startup company. Flexibility and the ability to quickly change course are essential.


  • Bachelor's degree.
  • At least 2 years of teaching experience.
  • Experience working with students with students with neurodiversities
  • Other experience working with young people (e.g. - coaching) is also prioritized.


  • Full time employment starting in August 2023 (must be available for summer professional development week of August 7, 2023 in AZ).
  • Compensation commensurate with experience.

To apply, copy and paste the link below into your browser and fill out the application it brings you to. We will not see you if you only apply on Indeed.


Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $42,000.00 - $65,000.00 per year (based on experience)


  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance


  • Monday to Friday
  • Ability to commute to onsite location


  • Bachelor's

Work Location: In person

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