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Aug 6


are a scale-up: around since 2017 as a one-man shop, we built a strong brand in the Seattle area, and now are morphing into a platform for subject-matter experts anywhere to share their knowledge in an outside-the-box way. Our ideal student needs what our ideal tutor brings: a disruptive perspective on academics, a spark from the "real world" to (re-)ignite their curiosity and drive for learning. Founded by a literary / commercial writer and civic activist bringing a practitioner's lens to English and social studies, Ignite expanded into STEM and grew revenue 8x during covid, with the addition of programmer and entrepreneur Anjana Ravi. She's now moved on to other entrepreneurial ventures, so we've brought on some more STEM folks, and now we want people in all subjects areas to take full advantage of our digital-first, highly scalable platform.


  • enjoy being entrepreneurial, and are excited to hustle up or bring in your own clients (we don't spend much on marketing; we'd rather pay awesome tutors 2x what other platforms do)
  • want to help build the Ignite brand by credibly "doing what you teach" (non-academic or applied research experience is a big plus, though not strictly required)
  • bring a differentiated view on how your subject(s) should be taught to prepare students for careers and civic life, not just passing tests.


If we want world-class tutors who think and teach differently to engage students with real-world, no-BS approaches to learning, we need to offer a clear value proposition to attract and retain folks as awesome as... you! So, what do we offer our ideal tutor that adds value to their practice?

1) The time-saving digital infrastructure of a big platform, without the low pay and with the freedom an independent contractor deserves.

We have a nice website and a best-of-breed SaaS tech stack, so your experience is seamless. Onboarding, background checks, contracts, insurance, profile creation, scheduling, and payment are all digital and as frictionless as possible, and we offer you awesome deals on all sorts of perks contractors find useful, with discounts on self-employment goodies from WeWork to QuickBooks to health insurance. Still in school or working a day job? Then it's even more important that your tutoring side hustle doesn't suck up your time in admin busywork--or take a huge cut of your pay in exchange for iffy back-office services. That was our experience as tutors working for others, and we built Ignite very intentionally over years to provide a drastically better experience for fellow tutors.

2) Upside, transparency and skin in the game.

Our efficient digital infrastructure allows us to bring on new contract tutors with very little incremental cost and share our highly efficient unit economics with you ($50/hr online starting minimum with incentive pay possible on top). You'll have the opportunity to have input on your comp structure; the business is an open book and we want to be very competitive and make sure everyone is incentivized to grow with us.

3) Longer-term equity potential.

The long-term vision for Ignite is to turn it into some kind of a tutor co-op that can poach the best people from the typical type of tutoring shop that exploits and underpays them. If you're interested in doing more than picking up contact hours with students, there's stuff to be done for the business like social media, website updates, etc. for this kind of value add I'm willing to think through possible ways we could get you some equity, though this will not be possible until we can rack up enough cash to pay some outside legal experts to help us set up that structure. Ignite is self-funded with no outside capital, and committed to growing profitably, but the whole point of that is to share the profits with tutors long-term, moving toward a tutor-owned platform structure that flips the exploitative "gig economy" model on its head.


Drop a resume and whatever else you want to tell me. I know you're busy so I'm not going to ask a ton of structured questions. If I'm interested in talking further we can schedule a call. If I'm not getting back to you and you're really keen on the idea, connect with me on LinkedIn and bug me.

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