Should I submit the same resume to all the positions I am interested in? 

No! You should be tailoring your resume to each job you apply to so that the hiring manager sees you are passionate about this career path and qualified. Highlight the skills that make you the perfect fit for the specific role you want. Here are some resources to help you revamp your resume before applying to jobs outside the classroom: 

Get expert support for your resume here.

What can I do to stand out from other transitioning teacher applicants? 

This is a jobs board for transitioning teachers. So, it’s no secret that you likely have similar experience to many candidates applying for the same positions. Think about how your specific skills and experience set YOU apart. Try to add quantitative accomplishments to your resume and focus on the skills the job description is looking for. Check out Teacher Career Coach Podcast episode 65 for more tips on how to stand out in a competitive job market! 

Why aren’t salaries listed on every job posting? 

There are many reasons why companies decide to do this, whether it’s to avoid competition between current/new employees or avoid competition with other companies in their industry. Also, when roles are remote the pay can vary based on your location, so many remote roles do not list salary. 

You can try to find the average salary range for the position on, Glassdoor, or using a Google search of “average salary (job title) (your city or state).” Please note that this is just an estimate. Salary range is going to vary from company to company depending on their budget and the duties of the specific role. We talk more about how to research average salaries or sleuth how much to expect before interviewing in episode 68 of the Teacher Career Coach Podcast.

What if the job title does not sound like something I would be able to do? 

Read the full job description! Teachers are often not familiar with corporate job titles and terminology. Make sure you read the entire job description to get an idea of what the job entails before writing it off. 

What if I'm not familiar with a company? 

We encourage you to do your research into each company that you're thinking of applying to. 

Are former teachers actually landing these positions? 

Yes! But there are never any guarantees that the new hire will come from this audience. Some of these roles will be competitive. To stand out you will need to translate your resume and have interview skills. For the most thorough support preparing for a job outside the classroom, check out the Teacher Career Coach Course

Where else can I search for jobs like this? 

While this jobs board is a great place to find positions outside the classroom, do not rely on this as your only place to search for jobs. There are so many companies and positions out there! Check out this blog post for ideas on where to search for jobs: Education & EdTech Jobs: Top 10 Places To Find Jobs!